Accept secure on-the-go EMV mobile payments. Take advantage of our suite of hardware options that fit your growing business, no matter your size or where you are, you can process EMV and contactless payments quickly and securely using any mobile device or tablet from any location. It's never been easier.  



 Offering a Cash Discount to your customers is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the balance sheet of your business. Stay competitive by offering a Cash Discount Program to your merchants.  Cash Discount Programs give business owners the opportunity to recoup their payment processing costs, resulting in a lower overall cost to the merchant and stronger profits for you. 



 Integrated payment processing solutions offer your business the ability to combine payment processing features with your POS system. This means you can integrate payment functions in order to eliminate duplicate data entry, streamline your POS processes, and increase accuracy and efficiency. 



 Incorporating EMV Payment Solutions into your business is critical in today's marketplace. The introduction of EMV credit card processing technology has introduced increased security against fraudulent card present transactions and a new way to pay for consumers. Let us help you customize an EMV payment solution that fits your business needs and keeps your customers safe. 



 Pay-at-the-Table is ideal for full service restaurants, stadiums, venues and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view. Servers can accept payments tableside and print receipts right on the spot without the need to return to the POS station to swipe, insert or tap a card for payment. 



Our online reporting empowers merchants with 24/7 access to their processing statements and detailed transactional reporting. This business reporting tool is based in the cloud, so there is no expensive software to purchase or download.  You can search transactions by card number, view batch reports, analyze your card acceptance mix and much more.