ChargeIT.... Payroll Deductions


CHARGE IT , is a payroll deduction software package that allows you to manage and control all aspects of payroll deduction, prepaid accounts, department charging and self loading financial kiosks.

Our system allows your employees to use their existing employee ID badges, finger prints, or prepaid cards to charge their meals or retail products at corporate dining centers, self checkout kiosks or vending machines. 

ChargeIT then processes your transactions and automatically deducts them from their payroll checks or uses the prepaid balance on the cards. 

 The employee benefits of using CHARGEIT Include: 

  • Faster onsite purchases without using cash or credit cards 
  • Having purchases deducted directly from their paychecks. 
  • The employers benefits of u CHARGE IT Include: times and less time waiting around
  • Ability to view all purchases made with our Employee portal kiosk.


The employers benefits of using CHARGE IT Include: 

  • Increased revenue at cafeterias, retail stores and gift shops, and vending machines
  • Seamless integration with existing payroll software, eliminating the labor-intensive task of manually processing payroll deduction slips 
  • A significant reduction in the number of cash transactions, ensuring more accurate bookkeeping and accounting 
  • Employee validation of all transactions at the point of sale 
  • The ability to audit transactions by maintaining a complete audit trail and generating detailed reports 


Self-Checkout Kiosks

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 Micro markets are the fastest growing segment in the food service and vending industries. They’re popping up everywhere, satisfying the appetite for a culture that increasingly craves convenience, simplicity and access to a refreshing choice of healthier food options. 

Micro markets reach far beyond the employee breakroom. They are on the rise in hotel lobbies, hospitals, and even schools – allowing business travelers, students, and consumers to get quick fixes of nourishment. Micro-markets are in-line with today’s expectations of fast and quality selections to purchase. Midlands POS innovative self-checkout solution and software management system really hits the spot with consumers and business operators. 

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